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We use high quality parts

Extended Remote Sensor

360 Fully Adjustable   &   Over 100ft   &   Repositioning   Remote Sensor

Hitec LED USA signs come with 360 Fully adjustable remote sensor to provide a long and wide range when programming the sign.
The Range of operation of remote control has been increased to over 100ft! also sensor locate anywhere.
Standard sensor - Fixed sensor and Narrow range

Power Supply

Mean Well  -  High Quality UL Approved Power Supply

Uses Mean Well Power supplies, highest sold power supply worldwide.
The power supply is very important because not only the life of the sign but also the way that it looks, brightness, contrast all of those different aspects can be controlled by the amount of power.

Face Grill

PC (Polycarbonate) - Superior Strength and Heat Resistance

Uses grills made of material that does not melt, warping or change shape in high heat.
The grill not only blocks the sunlight from shining on the LED light but also does act as a block background around each individual pixel. If the grills strart to melt, the picture / message well come out distorted.

Module Pitch   &   Led Lamps

Module Pitch   &   Led Lamps

Uses High Quality LED lamps for extensive life.
Not only is the brightness compromised when cheap low quality lamps are used. Also the lifetime of 100,000+ hours is not able to be attached with the usage of lower quality led lamps.

Samsung CPU

Samsung CPU

High Quality Samsung made CPU gives you flawless operation.

PC Upgrade - PC to LED Board

PC Upgrade - PC to LED Board (Send Text, Photos, Graphics, Editing Images)

All Product include our software. This allows you to control your LED sign using your PC. Simply connect to the sign the provided rs232 cable, create messages and send them to the sign.

Double Sided

Double Expose

Take advantage of having a double sided display to advertise to twice as much traffic. Program one side to synchronize the other side to display the same message. The double sided display can be built in either one or two seperate frame. The one frame displays the LED both from the front and rear with a 5 inch thickness. The two frame option allows you to adjust the space between the two LED displays.

Easy Installation

Heavy Duty Brackets & Screws

Installation cant's get any easier.
Top & bottom extruded aluminum slide-in mounting brackets for easy installation.

Water Proof

Built-in Water Proof Modules / Indoor & Window & Outdoor

Highly reputable company and the sillicon & ??? that we use is of the highest quality and able to with stand all weather conditions.

Low Energy Consumption

Save Up to 90% in Energy Costs

By choosing LED signs or by upgrading to LED from neon or incandescent, you can save up to 90% in energy costs. LED signs are energy efficient, they reduce energy costs and also decrease the amount of CO2 emissions compared to any other light source.


Horizontal to Vertical


1 Row or 2 Row

Large Characters & 2 Row Available

1 Row Large Characters & 2 Row Capable of More Content


견고성(뒤틀림 방지) 및 배수, 방수 역활

1 Row Large Characters & 2 Row Capable of More Content